Richard Carmoody

M, #2324, b. May 1822
Father*Richard Carmoody
Mother*Mary Graham b. 1796
Richard Carmoody was born in May 1822 at Lambeth, Surrey Co., England. He, with his mother Mary Carmoody, Sarah Carmoody, Amelia Carmoody and Mary Carmoody were sent at to the Castle Street Workhouse, Westminster, Middlesex Co., England, on Thursday, 31 August 1826. He was 4 1/4 years old. He was discharged on November 27, 1826 and sent to St. Leonard's Workhouse with his family. He was discharged from this workhouse on February 24, 1827 and sent to the Enfield Workhouse. On July 3, 1835, at the age of 12 1/2 years, he was admitted to the Shoreditch Workhouse, and discharged to his mother on August 17, 1835. He appeared in the household of Mary Carmoody on the census of 1841 at George Street, St. Leonards Shoreditch, Middlesex Co., England. He was enumerated as: Ric'd Carmoody, male age 14, toy w, born Middlesex. He appeared as head of the household on the census of 1851 at 2 Reform Place, Shoreditch, Middlesex Co., England. He was record as: Rich'd Carmoody, head, married, male aged 26, chair maker, born Lambeth. Sarah Carmoody and Richard Carmoody also appeared in the household. Richard and Sarah Wogdon were married by Curate F. Gibson on Thursday, 21 May 1857 at Bethnal Green Parish Church, Bethnal Green, Middlesex Co., England. He was a bachelor, chair maker, living at 74 Pritchards Road, father Richard Carmoody, tailor. She was a spinster, living at 74 Pritchards road, father John Wogdon, milkman. Elizabeth Miller and John Samuel Aines witnessed the marriage.


Sarah Wogdon