Amelia Carmoody

F, #2322, b. 1820
Father*Richard Carmoody
Mother*Mary Graham b. 1796
Amelia Carmoody was born in 1820 at England. She was baptized on Sunday, 20 May 1821 at St. Mary, Lambeth, Surrey Co., England. She, with her mother Mary Carmoody, Sarah Carmoody, Mary Carmoody and Richard Carmoody were sent at to the Castle Street Workhouse, Westminster, Middlesex Co., England, on Thursday, 31 August 1826. She was 6 1/4 years old. She was discharged on November 27, 1826 and sent to St. Leonard's Workhouse with her family. She was discharged from this workhouse on February 24, 1827 and sent to the Enfield Workhouse. Amelia and James Nash, son of William Nash, were married on Friday, 25 December 1840 at St. Johns Waterloo, Lambeth, Surrey Co., England. She was of full age, spinster, living on Gibson Street, father Richard Carmody, tailor. He was of full age, bachelor, living on Gibson Street, chair maker, father William Nash, chair maker. Alfred Jackson and Robert Mason witnessed the marriage. She appeared in the household of James Nash on the census of 1851 at 20 Charles Street, Tower Hamlets, Stepney, Middlesex, England. She was enumerated as: Amelia Nash, wife, married, female aged 30, cane chair maker employing 2 women, born Soho Middlesex.


James Nash b. 1821