Leonard George Frederick Smith

M, #299, b. 18 January 1898
Father*Arthur Edward Smith b. 1871, d. bt 1903 - 1909
Mother*Elizabeth Mary Carmoody b. 24 May 1876, d. 1 Oct 1920
Research Note:
I believe he is the illegitimate son of Edith Beatrice Smith, (sister of Arthur Edward Smith). Leonard does not show up on the 1901 census in the household of his parents, nor in the 1911 census household of Fred Hale with his mother, as does his alleged full brother Arthur. He does show up on the 1911 census with Edith his "Aunt". The delayed birth registration states his father's occupation as a butcher. In all documents viewed to date, Arthur Edward Smith Sr. was either listed as a teamster or driver. Leonard was never mentioned by his alleged half siblings, as were Art and Joan. I have included him on the off chance that he is a sibling.
Leonard George Frederick Smith was born on Tuesday, 18 January 1898 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, this was a delayed registration filed on June 26, 1933. It was attested to by Edith Chipchase (his Aunt) and she states she was there when he was born. His father was listed as being a butcher and that both parents are deceased. He began military service on 19 October 1917 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, when he signed his declaration and became regimental #3031683. His address was listed as 377 Dundas Street, and he listed his aunt, Edith Griffith as his next of kin, at the same address. His occupation was listed as cutter, he was single, Church of England religion. He resided in August 1922 at 1397 Dundas Street West, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. Leonard and May Anna Roome, daughter of (?) Livingstone, were married by Reverend E. G. Hutson on Wednesday, 16 August 1922 at 6 Trinity Square, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. And they were both listed as being single. His occupation was lady's wear cutter and hers was clerk. His father's name was Arthur Smith and no mother's name listed. John Emslie Porter and Dorothy A Roome witnessed the marriage.


May Anna Roome b. c 1901