Charles Vollard Carman

M, #1803, b. 1906
Father*Arthur Carman
Mother*Daisy Vollard
Charles Vollard Carman was born in 1906 at England. Charles and Margaret Helen LeBannister, daughter of Charles William LeBannister and Ellen McLeod, were married by Presbyterian Minister J. B. Paulin on Monday, 25 October 1926 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. She was 17, spinster, inspector, Presbyterian, living at 333 Albany Ave., born Ontario. He was 20, bachelor, driver, Presbyterian, living at 77 Roehampton Ave., born England. They were both able to read and write. John Charles LeBannister and Dorothy Kerrison witnessed the marriage.


Margaret Helen LeBannister b. 19 Nov 1908, d. 1992