Ellen McLeod

F, #257, b. 19 October 1881, d. 4 September 1966
Father*John J. McLeod
Mother*Margaret McGregor
Ellen McLeod was also known as Helen McLeod. She was born on Wednesday, 19 October 1881 at Lot 9, Conc. 9, Minto Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada, and her father signed the registration. Her first name was listed as Ellen. Dr. (?) Allan attended at the birth. Ellen and Charles William LeBannister, son of John George LaBallister and Maria Elizabeth Hattie, were married by Reverend M.C. Cameron on Sunday, 20 September 1903 at Ivanhoe, 9'th Concession, Minto Twp., Wellington Co., Ontario, Canada. And both were listed as being single. His name was recorded as Bannister, William C., and hers was McLeod, Helen. His occupation was a decorator and they were both Presbyterians. Sidney Turns and Cassie McLeod witnessed the marriage. She appeared in the household of Charles William LeBannister on the census of 13 June 1911 at 333 Albany Ave., Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. She was recorded as: Bannister, Helen, female, wife, married, born Oct 1881 in Ontario, age 29, of Scotch origin, Canadian, Presbyterian, able to read, write and speak English. She was listed as the informant of the death of Charles William LeBannister. Ellen died on Sunday, 4 September 1966 at Queen Elizabeth Hopsital, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 84 years, 10 months and 16 days.


Charles William LeBannister b. 16 Jun 1874, d. 17 Aug 1932