Frederick Hale

M, #1, b. bet 05-08 Aug 1879, d. 16 January 1930
Father*John Hale b. 1 Jan 1838, d. 28 Nov 1914
Mother*Mary Ann Watson b. c 1847, d. 27 Feb 1930
Research Note:
I have been unable to find a registration for the Hale marriage. All the children's birth registrations have different marriage dates, which leads me to believe they were never married.
Frederick Hale was born bet 05-08 Aug 1879 at Etobicoke Twp., York Co., Ontario, Canada. Frederick and Elizabeth Mary Carmoody, daughter of Byron Carmoody and Matilda LaBallister, were married on Friday, 31 May 1907 at Hamilton, Wentworth Co., Ontario, Canada. This date was taken from son William's birth registration. Daughter Ida and son Jim's state different dates. He appeared as head of the household on the census of 14 June 1911 at 908 Yonge Street, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. He is listed as: Hales, Fred, male, head, married, born Nov 1879 in Ontario, age 31, of English origin, Canadian, England religion, employed as a Driver at Robinson's, worked for the last 52 weeks, earned $624, no insurance, able to read, write and speak English. Elizabeth Mary Hale, William Fredrick Hale, Arthur Edward Smith, Roomer Mrs. Roberts and Roomer ? Roberts also appeared in the household. He appeared as head of the household on the census of June 1921 at 91 Davenport Road, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. He was enumerated as: Hale, Frederick, rents for $18/month, occupies 6 rooms, head, male, widower, age 42, born Ontario, both parents born Ontario, Canadian, English, speaks English, does not speak French, Church of England, able to read and write, worked for 3 months as a teamster, income of $100, unemployed for 8 months due to illness. William Fredrick Hale, John Henry Hale, Ida Isabella Hale, Peter Alfred Hale, James Hale and Arthur Edward Smith also appeared in the household. Frederick died on Thursday, 16 January 1930 at his residence, 151 Simcoe Street, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, of Myocarditis, caused by Arteriosclerosis. It is interesting to note that under marital status on his death registration, single was lined out and married was written in, not widowed. Perhaps he had re-married (or married) after the death of Elizabeth but I am unable to find a registration. Thomas Albert Hale was listed as the informant. He was buried on Saturday, 18 January 1930 at Prospect Cemetery, Section 23, Plot 13072, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, and the burial plot was owned by Thomas A. Hale. He was Baptist.


Elizabeth Mary Carmoody b. 24 May 1876, d. 1 Oct 1920