Lydia Maud Chappel

F, #634, b. 5 January 1880, d. 15 October 1948
Father*William Chappel b. c 1854
Mother*Anny Hall b. c 1858
Lydia Maud Chappel was also known as Lydia Maud Florence Chappel. She was born on Monday, 5 January 1880 at Guernsey, Channel Islands. Lydia and John William Larbalestier, son of John Philippe Larbalestier and Helena Ann Tramp, were married on Sunday, 28 July 1901. Lydia died on Friday, 15 October 1948 at Jersey, Channel Islands, at age 68 years, 9 months and 10 days.


John William Larbalestier b. 10 Sep 1876, d. 4 May 1937