Matilda Jane LaBallister

F, #285, b. 13 April 1883, d. 1 May 1883
Father*John George LaBallister b. 25 Dec 1854, d. 30 Jan 1935
Mother*Maria Elizabeth Hattie b. Jun 1854, d. 19 Feb 1928
Matilda Jane LaBallister was also known as Matilda Jane LaBanester. She was born on Friday, 13 April 1883 at 262 Borden Street, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, the informant was her father and he signed the register. Her surname was recorded as Labanester. Dr. H.T. Machell attended at the birth. Matilda died on Tuesday, 1 May 1883 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 18 days of Inanition, duration of 1 week. Her surname was Labanester. Dr. H.T. Machell witnessed the death. She was buried on Saturday, 5 May 1883 at Necroplois Cemetery, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada.