John George LaBallister

M, #284, b. 21 March 1880, d. 12 April 1880
Father*John George LaBallister b. 25 Dec 1854, d. 30 Jan 1935
Mother*Maria Elizabeth Hattie b. Jun 1854, d. 19 Feb 1928
John George LaBallister was born on Sunday, 21 March 1880 at College Street, West of Bathurst Street, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, his birth was reported by John LaBallister and he signed his mark. Dr. John McConnell attended at the birth. John died on Monday, 12 April 1880 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 22 days of Hydrocephalus (Enlarged head or water on the brain), duration of one week. Dr. J. Hodgkinson witnessed the death. He was buried on Wednesday, 14 April 1880 at Section A28, 3 Range, Toronto Necopolis Cemetery, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada.