Alfred George Smith

M, #236, b. 8 August 1875, d. 9 July 1922
Father*Alfred George Smith
Mother*Maria or Sarah (?) Smith
George A. Smith
Alfred George Smith was born on Sunday, 8 August 1875 at London, Middlesex Co., England, according to one of his three attestation papers. The other two have dates of August 8, 1874 and August 8, 1878. Alfred and Elizabeth Maria LaBallister, daughter of John George LaBallister and Maria Elizabeth Hattie, were married by Off R. C. Evans on Monday, 25 November 1907 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. Both were listed as being single and their religions were listed as Latter Day Saints. She was a bookkeeper and he was a pastry cook. Ethel May Stephens and James Henry LeBallister witnessed the marriage. He appeared in the household of John George LaBallister on the census of 2 June 1911 at 213 Major, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. He was recorded as: Smith, Alfred G, male, son in law, married, born August 1875 in England, age35, immigrated in 1882, of English origin, Canadian, Latter Day Saint, employed as a house painter, worked for 50 weeks, 60 hours per week, earned $600, no insurance, able to read, write and speak English. He began military service on 12 April 1915 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, when he signed his attestation papers, becoming regimental #404456. His address was 213 Major Street, Toronto, born August 8, 1878 in London, England, next of kin was his wife Mrs. E. Smith, occupation of cook. He was deemed fit for service on April 15, 1915, and described as follows: 5" 11", fair complexion, brown eyes, black hair, Anglican. He had a large (10" x 10") scar on right leg. He re-enlisted for military service on 17 September 1918 at Buffalo, New York, USA, when he signed his attestation paper. His details were the same except his date of birth was August 8, 1874, and he had served previously with the 14'th batallion, from April 1915 to July 1917, and was discharged due to a breakdown. He was now 5" 10 1/4" tall. He re-enlisted again for military service on 14 February 1919 at the Armories, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, when he signed his attestation papers. His details are the same, except his birth date of Aug. 8, 1875, he had previously served with the 35'th and 14'th batallions as a Private for 4 years. He does not state he had been discharged for a breakdown. His description is the same. He appeared in the household of John George LaBallister on the census of 1921 at 213 Major Street, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. He was enumerated as: Smith, Alfred, rents house for $15/month, 6 rooms, head, male, married, age 48, born England, both parents born England, immigrated in 1882, Canadian, English origin, speaks English, does not speak French, Latter Day Saint, able to read and write, painter, earned $1200. Alfred died on Sunday, 9 July 1922 at the Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 46 years, 11 months and 1 day of Coronary Thrombosis caused by infarction of heart muscle. His death followed surgery for a fractured tibia. His occupation was listed as a Machinist, manufacturing bullets etc., from the beginning of the war. His address was listed as 213 Major St., Toronto. Elizabeth Maria Smith was listed as the informant. Doctor C. S. Dickson was the attending physician. He was buried on Wednesday, 12 July 1922 at Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada.


Elizabeth Maria LaBallister b. 1 Apr 1881, d. 26 Jun 1928