Ethel Edith Common

F, #186, b. 2 October 1892
Father*Richard Common
Mother*Margaret Dougherty
Ethel Edith Common was also known as Estella Commony. She was born on Sunday, 2 October 1892 at Galt, Waterloo Co., Ontario, Canada, and her father signed the registration. Her mother altered it in August 1929, changing her middle name to Edith from Stella. Dr. (?) Thomson attended at the birth. Ethel and George Henry LaBallister, son of John George LaBallister and Maria Elizabeth Hattie, were married by W. R. Young on Monday, 19 July 1915 at Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. He was 22, born and living in Toronto, bachelor, engine trimmer, Methodist. She was 22, living in Toronto, born Galt, spinster, Anglican. Alfred William LaBallister and Mrs. H. J. Hallett witnessed the marriage.


George Henry LaBallister b. 27 Jul 1891, d. 14 Feb 1967