William Henry Hartill

M, #1451, b. 2 September 1911, d. 11 February 1912
Father*William Hartill b. Jun 1874
Mother*Isabella Larbalestier b. 21 Jun 1870, d. 15 Sep 1923
William Henry Hartill was born on Saturday, 2 September 1911 at 921 Palmerston Ave., Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, and his father was the informant. Dr. S. W. Ferguson attended at the birth. William died on Sunday, 11 February 1912 at 285 Manning Avenue, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 5 months and 9 days due to Marasmus (inability to feed) from birth, and acute bronchitis for one week. William Hartill was listed as the informant. E. O. Smith was the attending physician.