Hessp Trenwith Maddocks

F, #1395, b. 9 January 1910, d. 2 July 1987
Father*Robert George Maddocks b. 30 Sep 1876, d. 6 Aug 1956
Mother*Sarah Porter Trenwith b. 4 Jun 1883, d. 26 Jun 1937
Hessp Trenwith Maddocks was born on Sunday, 9 January 1910 at 18 Palmerston Ave., Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada, and her mother was the informant. Dr. J. McCormack attended at the birth. She appeared in the household of Robert George Maddocks on the census of June 1911 at 337 Grace Street, Toronto, York Co., Ontario, Canada. She is listed as: Maddocks, Hessp. T., female, daughter, single, born June 1909 in Ontario, of Welsh origin, Canadian, unable to read, write and speak English. Hessp and Bruce McGilvray were married. Hessp died on Thursday, 2 July 1987 at the Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga, Peel Co., Ontario, Canada, at age 77 years, 5 months and 23 days.